Microsoft's wearable tech offerings are limited, but impressive nonetheless. The tech giant offers one fitness tracker and one powerful virtual reality headset, but manages to get the aesthetics and functionality right on both.


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Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band wearable tech

Designed with your health in mind, the Microsoft Band is more than just your average fitness tracker. Monitor your heart rate through all of your daily activities with the built-in optical heart rate sensor. The three-axis accelerometer and gyrometer monitors your pace, time, and calories burned during walking and running activities. With sleep playing a major role in your overall health and well-being, the Microsoft Band uses a skin temperature sensor and galvanic skin response sensor to track your sleep patterns and provide feedback on the quality of your slumber. The Microsoft Band’s haptic vibration motor provides accurate feedback for the best results.

The Microsoft Band works with Windows Phone 8.1, iPhone 4s, and newer model iPhones, as well as Android 4.3 or later model smartphones with Bluetooth technology. This compatibility allows you to preview your emails and text messages, and get calendar notifications right on your device. Dictate a response or send commands to your Microsoft Band with the newest Cortana technology. Stream music from your phone to your band with the Bluetooth connection. You’ll be able to see the song title and make volume adjustments from the same music apps on your phone. A full charge for the device takes approximately 1.5 hours to achieve, providing 48 hours of power to keep you charged throughout your routine.

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Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens VR headset

Transform the way you create, collaborate, explore, and communicate with the Microsoft HoloLens. This device hosts a complete Windows 10 computer system in a VR headset. The Microsoft HoloLens does not require you to connect to a personal computer system or smartphone for operation, as it features a fully untethered and self-contained design. In addition, the HoloLens delights with its holographic processing unit, combined with a full Intel 32-bit processor that has been custom-built by the designers at Microsoft.

The hardware specifications featured in the Microsoft HoloLens stand out from its competition. The 2 GB of RAM creates fast interactions. Enjoy 64 GB of flash storage, which is more than enough space for holding all of your data and applications. The headset design allows for air tap navigation gestures. With interactive capabilities through the Bluetooth-supported Clicker accessory, the Microsoft HoloLens design offers through the Bluetooth-supported Clicker accessory is sure to please even the pickiest user.

Keep your Microsoft HoloLens charged and ready to go with the Micro USB cable, and keep it safe when not in use with the included carrying case. Additional nose pads ensure a comfortable experience while you’re wearing the Microsoft HoloLens.

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