Nike has long been a destination for athletic accessories, and its wearable collection doesn't disappoint. The company offers several high-tech devices that help athletes in all sports perform at their peak.


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Nike+ Sportswatch GPS


NDS Sports Band 

Combining a plethora of fitness-management tools, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS pairs seamlessly with a range of devices to help you keep an eye on and improve your athletic abilities. Equipped with a high-contrast memory LCD screen that saves power while displaying stats, this watch tracks your distance, pace, and elapsed time while you run, and you can set routes via the integrated TomTom GPS that records the elevation and terrain of your workout — no matter if you're indoors or outside. 

In addition, you can activate the bright backlight with the easy-tap interface to enjoy clearer views of the watch's run reminders, your personal records, or Attaboys, which acknowledge each personal record you achieve. 

The SportWatch GPS is compatible with the Polar WearLink+ Heart Rate Transmitter, and it automatically transmits the data from your runs to where you can review and find new routes, set goals, and connect with other users after downloading Nike+ Connect to your Mac or PC. The unique NikeFuel activity measurement system analyzes your movements, rewarding you with a number of proprietary NikeFuel units at the end of each day that grade your levels of activity to keep you motivated. 

An inbuilt USB connector is molded into the watch strap for easy recharging and data uploading, and at 10 inches long, it easily fits most wrists. This watch doesn't just tell time; it tells you everything you need to know about your runs.

Nike+ Sportband

  NDS Sports Band

Get more out of your time when on the move with the Nike+ SportBand. This device comes complete with the Nike+ Sensor that attaches to your shoe. With the advanced capabilities of Bluetooth technology, the Nike+ Sensor sends data to your Nike+ SportBand, allowing you to see the distance you travel, your pace while running or walking, the calories you burn, and the time it took you to complete your workout. Always keep your Nike+ SportBand memory clear by uploading your data to your computer through the USB port. You will enjoy the ability this provides by tracking your progress, setting active goals and even competing with your friends.


Charging your Nike+ SportBand is as simple as plugging it into any USB port on your computer or mobile charger. It only takes two hours to completely charge the device and provides you hours of recording and tracking capabilities. When you take your active lifestyle serious, you want the products you can trust. Your Nike+ SportBand is backed by a solid construction that will not fail you when you are on the go. Featuring a stainless steel buckle and case made from polycarbonate, the Nike+ SportBand is durable enough for your toughest workouts. The polyurethane strap adds to the creation of a device that will not weigh you down when running or walking your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Polarwear Link + Transmitter 


Keep tabs on your heart rate through workouts and exercise with the Polar WearLink+ transmitter from Nike. The transmitter captures your heart rate information and directly transmits the data to with compatible Nike+ devices, 5th generation and above iPods, and the iPod nano using a coded 5kHz transmission. Because of the coded transmission, your Polar training computer will have no trouble finding your transmitted heart rate. 

To use, moisten the electrodes on the back of the connector and secure the fabric strap in place directly below your chest muscles, ensuring the electrodes are firmly against your skin. Your Polar WearLink device can also communicate with a wrist-worn device to give you quick access to your heart rate data. Simply use the wrist piece to search for your transmitter and hit OK to connect the two devices. 

The Polar Wearlink+ transmitter boasts a washable strap, replaceable battery, and a water-resistant connector. The hook mechanism of the strap makes the device a cinch to put on and take off in just seconds of your time. This fabric chest strap seamlessly conforms to the shape of your body without getting in the way of your fitness routine. You can wear this transmitter in just about any fitness situation, whether you are at the gym, running, or even swimming.


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