Spire's wearable technology takes a different approach to fitness by focusing on your movement and state of mind. By tracking your stress level and the tension in your body, the Spire wearable offers everything you need to take control of your relaxation.


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Image of Spire wearable with dock

Spire Wearable - Breathing and Activity

Although most wearable fitness devices count steps, track activities, and measure distances to encourage movement and boost workouts, the Spire focuses on a frequently forgotten aspect of fitness — stress management and mindfulness.

The Spire was Created at Stanford University

Backed by seven years of research at the Calming Technology Lab at Stanford University, the Spire looks at your breathing patterns, including the frequency of each breath. Measuring 1.2 inches by 1.7 inches, the small device looks like a gray river rock and attaches to a belt or bra. When the device detects shallow breathing, it sends push notifications, reminding you to take deep breaths or participate in a guided meditation or breathing exercise.

It also counts steps, measures the intensity of physical activity, and monitors how much time you spend standing, sitting, and lying down. Connect the Spire to the app on your iPhone over Bluetooth Low-Energy to analyze trends, pinpointing when you’re stressed and what you were doing to cause the anxiety. The generous seven-day battery life keeps the device working, and the wireless charging plate with real cork is a beautiful addition to any room. It's durable enough to survive a cycle in the washing machine if you find yourself in such a Zen state that you forget to remove it at the end of the day.

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