Elf Emmit

Elf Emmit Review

by DaydreamBeliever


Even if the benefits I experienced are genuine, they were pretty mild and don’t overcome the Elf Emmit’s massive problems.

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No idea if it works!

DaydreamBeliever gave the Elf Emmit a 1-star rating.

It might, but who knows? The principle seems sound. However, the design is such that it just slipped off the back of my head each time I tried it, so I never found out how effective it might be. As, so far as I know, my head is not unusually small or large or otherwise misshapen, it was all very disappointing. And, no, in case you are wondering, I do not use greasy substances on what's left of my hair. Therein, I suspect, lies the problem, the device no doubt will stay in place if, like the woman in the photo, you have a full head of hair but if you don't...! I might give it another try if they improve the design but, in the meantime, back it goes to the manufacturers for a refund. Roy