Garmin Vivoactive HR

Garmin Vivoactive HR



Garmin’s Vivoactive HR the perfect option for users who want a packaged deal.

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Rebecca Paredes Reviewed By: Rebecca Paredes on February, 17th 2017

You’re a multi-faceted person, and you want a smartwatch that can multitask with you. Garmin’s Vivoactive HR is a compelling, all-in-one option for users who want a packaged deal for their wearable technology. This Garmin watch offers something for almost everyone: activity and sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, GPS capabilities, and smartphone syncing.

It’s the little extras that truly take Vivoactive HR from “meh” to “gimme.” On the surface, its sunlight-readable touchscreen display is responsive, clear, and customizable. But below the screen, the Garmin Vivoactive HR packs a punch: its sports apps feature the most popular sports for fitness trackers, like running and swimming, as well as rowing, golfing, skiing, and even paddle boarding. As a Garmin fitness band, the Elevate optical heart monitoring system continuously tracks your ticker, allowing for more accurate readings whether you’re sleeping or running laps.

As an added bonus, Garmin has caught up with the rest of the wearables pack thanks to Move IQ, a new feature that will automatically recognize when you’re working out. This type of tech already exists in fitness trackers like the Withings Activité line, and it’s infinitely more user-friendly than manually switching between tracking modes. In terms of battery life, Garmin’s website places the Vivoactive HR’s battery life at approximately seven to eight days, depending on usage, and 13 hours if you have the GPS sensor and heart rate running.

This Garmin smartwatch isn’t as stylish as other wearables on the market, but if you want an all-in-one training solution to your fitness tracking woes, Vivoactive may be your answer for a cool $250.

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