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Samsung Gear 2



Samsung Gear S2's rotating bezel is a godsend — and something that more wearables need to adopt.

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Rebecca Paredes Reviewed By: Rebecca Paredes on February, 17th 2017

For true, mainstream adoption, wearables can’t look like wearables (looking at you, Microsoft Band). They need to look seamless and well-designed — and the Samsung Gear S2 ($250) nails it. In fact, it covers so many bases that its biggest drawback is literally only the operating system, which is forgivable if you don’t mind having slim pickings in the app department.


In terms of aesthetics, this Samsung smartwatch is gorgeous to look at. It’s Samsung’s first round watch, and the payoff is that it looks and feels like a traditional, even luxury, watch — not a bulky piece of wearable technology. Additionally, the Gear S2 benefits from a truly groundbreaking piece of hardware: the rotating bezel, which allows you to interact with your Samsung watch in a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly way. In a sea of wearables that occasionally leave much to be desired in terms of usability, Samsung’s rotating bezel is a godsend — and something that more wearables need to adopt.

Under the surface, the Samsung Gear S2 works with more than just Samsung phones, which is a smart move for the company to take. And while the standard model doesn’t come with built-in GPS (a common smartwatch gripe among fitness fans), the 3G model does come with GPS — although you’ll have to buy it through your phone carrier. It lasts about 2 days on a single charge, depending on use, and you can call, text, email, and receive notifications on all models.


The only true downside to the Gear S2 is this: its operating system, Tizen. Samsung opted to stick with its own OS, but the major side effect of that decision is that developers aren’t in any rush to create apps for the Gear S2. In fact, the watch just received the Uber app, which was supposed to be part of its launch. You’ll get the basics with Tizen — Yelp, Nike+ Running, a navigation app called HERE — but if you want a truly customizable experience, the Gear S2 isn’t there yet.

Worth It?

If you’re willing to hold off on the idea that there’s an app for everything, then this Samsung smartwatch is bound to meet all your needs — and it’ll look great in the process.

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