The Team

Meet the team behind the reporting, interviews, photographs, and reviews at WearableZone.

Rebecca Paredes, Editor | @beccawriteswhat
Rebecca is a writer with a vested interest in fitness technology, sleep science, and attempting to understand Twitter. She graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a degree in Creative Writing and a coffee addiction. Her work has appeared in Bustle, The Cauldron, Thought Catalog, and others. She lives in sunny San Diego.

Logan Strain, Writer | @LM_Strain
Logan Strain is a San Diego native who has been writing content online since 2005. His content has been featured in Mashable, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and other fine publications. He believes that the quantified self has the potential to help everyone lead more productive, fulfilling, and healthy lives.

Irene Webber, Designer | @reneykay
Irene Webber is a graphic designer, photographer, avid gamer, and baking aficionado. With a strong background in digital media, she creates stunning web content for WearableZone. Irene believes less is more, and that design has the greatest impact when it’s simple.

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